E-Log - John Roe 2017 WRLL Junior Softball Regional

Got my Keurig and I'm rolling West.

Yesterday I had the honor of being the plate umpire for the winner's bracket semi-finals.

Alaska and Montana met for the first time, both undefeated. It was a very tight, spirited and quick game for 6 innings, with Montana maintaining a 2-0 lead from the first inning.

In the seventh, visiting Montana put up five more runs, and while Alaska spoiled the shutout with two runs in the bottom of the Seventh, Montana earned today off, and their guaranteed spot in tomorrow's finals game.

Tonight I will be the first base umpire and Alaska will try and win to get another chance at glory. If Alaska wins today and beats Montana in tomorrow's finals (where I will be working second base) Then there will be an immediate what-if game to follow. Where I will be the third base linesman.

It's been an awesome week, and the time has just evaporated, so much fun and excitement, I'm really grateful to be here and to have worked with such a wonderful group of people.

We had quite a day today, here are some pictures and video.

A little present from the crew to our Host UIC - Sara Tuner. Thank you for helping make this experience so incredible for us all!

We had quite a day today, here are some pictures and video.

Amazingly we are going to be playing ball in a few minutes!!

These folks know how to get fields in shape fast! Video is from two hours ago...


So we got three innings into the 5pm start games, when the call came out to get off the fields and find shelter. Lightning and an amazing deluge of rain. We are the blue circle inside the warning box inside the warning box inside the warning box. I've never seen so many nested weather boxes before.

Just got done with my fourth Regional Tournament game today. I worked 2 3-man games, one on the plate and one at third. Then two 4-man games, one on the plate and one at 1st. 100* temps and monsoon moisture.

Long day. But immensely satisfying. Awesome people here to work with, really grateful to be a part of this.

Did my first two games of the tournament today! One plate and one base, both 3-man due to us being short a couple of Umpires.

No problems except for the heat...

And now we are caught up from yesterday.

We are still on the grounds hoping to get a game in.

But this is my field...

Lots of fun today, met with the other umpires and coordinators. Terrific people! I really like the Resort and they gave us a BBQ banquet to kick off the tournament.

My first game is 5pm tomorrow, and I've got the dish!

Arrived at my destination in Tucson, safe and sound. 6 hours and 15 minutes door-to-door, about a half tank of diesel.

From today.

Leaving in 12 hours for Tucson. Gonna umpire the Western Region Little League Regional Championships for Softball (14-15 Year Olds).

Needed road food and ball bag fodder. My usual beef jerky recipe. Smoked with the door ajar and with the side (cold smoke) box for an hour of smoke. Takes 4-6 hours total at 120-125*.

It's pretty good.