E-Log - Kevin Ruorock 2023 WRLL 50/70 Baseball Regional

Yesterday I was the recipient of a letter from Little League Baseball informing me that I have been selected to umpire the Western Region Intermediate (50/70) tournament this summer in Nogales, AZ. I am completely honored and super excited for this opportunity and want to thank our Regional Director, Kit Golden for this appointment and opportunity. I also want to thank Mark Bernstein, Mark Groh and Bill Graham who provided support and mentorship to get me to this milestone, it is appreciated more than you know!

I would be remiss in not thanking my biggest supporter in this journey who let me go out and play with my friends on tons of weekends to train and work games, my lovely wife, Dee Dee RuoRock. Without her, this journey would never have come to fruition. Thank you and I love you!

OK, my head is spinning still, but I wanted to share this really cool and personal honor. See you all on the field!